Birthday gifts

Yesterday was Noah's birthday. We continued the tradition from last year and released balloons. The boys really liked doing that and asked if we were going to do it again this year. Trent wanted blue and Drew (of course) asked for green. They each drew a picture/wrote a note to Noah and we tied them to their balloon. It was sooo windy and so Mike and I were trying to untangle the balloon ribbons. Meanwhile Trent was getting anxious and said, "Can we start singing NOW?!" He lead in singing "Happy Birthday."

Later on in the evening we went to the hospital to drop off all of the goodies that my friends helped make or donate. The boys were excited to help carry the teddy bears! My nurse friend said she is "so excited and honored to be able to share these, in memory of Noah, with other moms who are hurting." A big Thank You to all of you who helped me even be able to do this, it is truly a blessing!

(Drew was so sweet, he had to make sure that my friend knew that "this one has a heart on his foot!")
Someone who attended our church wrote this "song" for Noah and gave it to me just after his memorial service. It hangs in my bedroon under a picture of Noah and I thought I'd share it today.

Hello Noah.

I'm glad to see, you've finally come to be with me.
With other boys who laugh and play,
and great adventures along the way.
By the shores of crystal sea,
in heaven here with you and me.

I've made a place just for you,
prepared before the world was new,
where all that's joy runs through and through,
and you can be with grandpa too.

By the shores of crystal sea,
in heaven here with you and me.
We'll dance amidst the fields of green,
such beauty mortals have not yet seen.

Play "hide and seek" and "king of the hill"
"catch the flag", or better still,
run through clear streams with great amaze,
with shouts of joy - our hearts ablaze!
Catch salamanders with speckled spots,
and frogs that jump from rock to rock.
We'll climb a tree or fly a kite,
Then take a sailboat late at night,
to hear the call of

Father's Love,

Which surely brings our gaze above.

You'll sing to him who gave you grace,
it's here we find our resting place.
By the shores of crystal sea,
in heaven here with you and me.

And someday soon, your mom and dad,
will rest with us in this land of glad,
and clasp the hand that once

let go

My perfect love they'll soon know,
Where all who come can be truly free.
By the shores of crystal sea,
in heaven here with you and me.


A chance to celebrate

We are coming up on a very important date for our family. If you remember, two years ago this Sunday we welcomed and said goodbye to our third little boy. Noah was such a sweet boy and he forever changed our lives. Because of my involvement in the Christmas musical at our church, (which also happens to fall on the 14th - Noah's birthday) we decided to go as a family and get away a week early. Some friends of ours gave us a gift certificate to a water park in Indy. It was a much needed reprieve. We all enjoyed time as a family, and it really gave me something fun to look forward to amidst the anticipation of an emotional anniversary. So, I say Thank you friends, for your generosity to our family. It was a time to celebrate among our tears.

Far away friends

Just after thanksgiving we had a get together with the Palmers. They live in Alabama now, so it was great to see them again. Trent and Mackenzie have been buddies since we moved to Indiana. He has really missed her. They had so much fun playing together again. The kids ran upstairs so excited for us to come see their play. Well, you just have to take a look for yourselves here. Ruth posted the video on her blog. Trent was really funny. Here are some feeble attempts to get a group picture.

What a bargain!!

The whole fam was walking around Walmart the other night I came across a great buy! If you don't know, my boys love Star Wars, Lego Star Wars, Clone Wars...you get the idea. They were easily persuaded away from the toys to take home these new pjs. They were on clearance for 3 dollars, so I quickly caved. They changed right away when we got home and were eager to show me their Jedi moves!

Like father like son...

I guess that is about all I really need to say, unfortunately! Trent has taken the plunge and decided to become a Michigan fan. We had a great time together watching the BIG GAME and I didn't rub in the fact that Michigan LOST again to THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY! I still love both of you...and I'm really working on Drew. (This is a subtle shout out to my dad and brothers to help me here!)