Feelin' Crafty

A few weeks ago I came across this post at Little Birdie Secrets.  It looked like a quick and easy project for me to do for Teacher Appreciation Week.  It was something to keep my hands busy while the boys were at school and ached to be caring for Emilie. It also gave me a good excuse to procrastinate on doing some housework.  Here is what my finished bookmarks looked like.

Some of you may remember what I made at the end of last school year for Trent's teacher.  If your looking for another idea, try this.  The "crayon initial shadowbox" was a big hit, Trent's teacher hung it by her desk and likes to tell me about all the comments she receives on it.  Do you have any favorite homemade teacher gifts?



...Nesting?...Um, yeah...IT HAS BEGUN!

I haven't made any blankets this time...instead, I'm stuck on...


I tried a pattern I found here.  I liked the little bobbles!  CUTE!  UNIQUE! Can't wait to try this one out on my little GIRL!

I also tried crocheting a cocoon...I just used some yarn I had on hand, but I'm planing to make another one...variegated brown, along with a hat with little bear ears and pink ribbons...can't wait!!  I spent an afternoon drooling totally inspired by the creativity of the hats/cocoons I found on etsy...WOW!

Soon, of course, I'll be breaking out the sewing machine to make these peanut shaped burp cloths!  I've stocked up on some fun, pretty, girly, flannel.  I made these for Jen's little girl Evie...thus the "e."

I'll have to save a few back to make later, so I can do a "letter" too.  No news on the name front...I have one I like/keep coming back to, but nothing set in stone yet, having a hard time with a middle name.  We'll most likely keep her name a surprise anyway :)  So, you'll have to wait, oh...11 more weeks or so!!


Feelin' Crafty

I've been working on a few projects.  It started before Christmas with some presents - this bag - I made for my SIL and my SIL to be.  I even picked up some fabric to make a cute - small diaper bag of sorts for the little girl that will be joining us in April.  I found this "Moma Bag" from the book...Handmade Home.  I, of course, had to add some pockets on the inside!  See, what do you think...

I also seached the internet for a tutorial on how to make a camera strap cover.  I used fabric I had from previous projects...it was really fun to do something quick.  Click on the pictures for a link to the tutorials I used.


School's OUT for SUMMER & Teacher Gift Tutorial!

Here is a comparison from the first day and the last...think he grew?  Well, he for sure grew 4 new teeth :)

Like the pink bag Trent's got?  Keep reading to see what's inside...

I made Trent's teacher a special end of the year "Thank You" gift the eve of the last day of school.

I found the idea here.  It went together very quickly...cause you all know I'm a major procrastinator!  I think it turned out great though!  Trent said she REALLY liked it...I would have liked something like this...a lot more that the little chachkies I got from the dollar store when I taught 4th grade!  Just sayin!
I found the 8X8 inch shadow box at walmart for about $8.  I printed off his teacher's name on a piece of card stock then trimmed it down to size.  I also printed off a separate piece of paper with an "L" to help me trim the crayons to the right size and shape.
I hot glued them in place.  I put the hot glue right on the paper of the crayon and it worked well.  I wasn't sure if it would melt the wax, but I didn't have a problem at all.
I think I'll be making lots more of these in the coming years!
(I googled these crayon shadowboxes and I found an Etsy shop where you can buy them for 40 dollars, yikes!  Mine cost less than $10 and was super easy and quick to make!)

We also wrote her a note and sealed it to the back with contact paper.

So, what do you think?  It would be cute in a craft or kids room, too!


Feelin' crafty

I've made a couple nursing covers for friends, and they are so neat. I first saw them here. My friends have said they are very handy. I googled some instructions and they were fairly easy to follow. I just finished another one. I know some of my far away friends are expecting and I wanted to pass on the instructions I found from another blog in case you might feel inspired, but when I went to place the link it must have been deleted from the archives...AHHH! I'll work on it! For now here's what mine looks like.

I also tried my hand at felting. I picked up an old wool sweater from Goodwill and felted it. (I did find out that it needs to be at least 80% wool to felt. Wash it on hot with a couple of tablespoons of dish soap - not laundry detergent!) I found the basic idea here, and sewed on a few pockets, a couple free hand flowers, and a cute button. Here's how it turned out.