Soccer Saturday

Last Saturday Drew and I went to Trent's third soccer game. They tried hard, but the bigger team (and I do mean like 2nd graders) had quite the advantage. The final score was 1-10. Here are a few shots of Trent playing like a champ - regardless of the score!

Trent threw it in so hard, he fell right over. :)

Birthday Boy!

Well we celebrated Drew's 4th birthday last week. Hard to believe he's already 4. We took him to Tokens 'n tickets because I refused to go to Chuckie Cheese. To my delight we were the ONLY ones there until about 10 minutes before we left - just 2 high schoolers showed up. It was great fun, without the madness of a gazillion other children running around! Of course the boys enjoyed picking out some prizes with the 192 tickets they won. They chose bubble tape...yum...(no doubt I could have just bought 2 at Meijer for less than $2, instead of the $10 I spent on tokens! At least they had fun playing all the games, and I appreciated not fighting a big crowd.) Enjoy some childish wonder...


Grandma's visit!

Wow! This week has flown by. It's been almost 2 years since Grandma Koning has come here to stay for a visit and the boys were so excited to have her. (of course the Wii that Aunt Linda let her bring with her was a bit hit also...they boys thanked God for it every night in their bedtime prayers).

We got to go to Trent's class and read a story and share about our family for his week as Star Student.

We also had a fabulous time watching Trent's soccer game IN THE RAIN. He even scored a goal.

Eating chili dogs at Coney Island was a treat.

The boys thoroughly enjoyed beating grandma at the Wii (or "Weed" as grandma calls it).

They also enjoyed playing UNO, Candy Land, baseball, hockey, and soccer. (with a very brave grandma, I might add!)

Thanks for spending time with us Hoosiers, Grandma. We love you!

New Ventures...

It's been six years since I've worked outside of the home, but starting Monday I'll be working part time at a local YMCA. I'm excited to be working with school age kids again. No lesson plans, just hanging out - helping with homework - and creatively channeling their energy!! This job will allow me to bring Trent and Drew with me. I'm very grateful for this, as I'm well aware of the preciousness of the time I have to spend with them. I'm also ready to take full advantage of a family membership to work out regularly!! Let the fun begin...

I also got a call from the doctor about some blood work that came back abnormal. I was actually really surprised by this, it kind of hit me from out of the blue. Evidently my thyroid is not really functioning anymore. Not sure as to the reason, but i guess its not that uncommon in women. It can be hereditary, though, I don't know of any one in my family who has similar problems. I tell ya, I hit thirty and I'm fallin' apart! The doctor says once function is lost, it doesn't just come back, so I've begun a life long regimen of a thyroid hormone. Thankfully it's affordable, and nothing more serious. Now we just wait for a few weeks for it to "kick in." Hopefully I'll notice a big difference in my energy level. I've been quite tired lately.


Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

I just wanted to write a quick post and thank everyone for your prayers for Jen and me last night. I believe there were 288 in attendence. Everything went great, Jen and I made it through without "falling apart" with tears, though I saw many men even wipe their faces with their dinner napkins. We were grateful that through our stories, many could see how God truly worked in our lives. It was NOT our own strength. Our prayer is that God continues to use the lives of our boys to touch others hearts. To God be the glory.

I'll try to add some photos later...we decided to post our links and more info we have found helpful in a resource blog of sorts...check out our new blog here.

Thanks again, friends!


Labor Day Weekend

Friday we all headed up to Michigan to spend time with Mike's family. The boys, as always, had so much fun playing with cousins at grandma's house. Mike also got to take Trent to Ann Arbor for the U of M vs. Utah football game. Mike said Trent really got into the game and was hugging him after they made a big play. I wish I had some pictures to show you. Trent told me his favorite thing about the game was "seeing a touchdown and eating a strawberry italian ice." I'm sure Mike will look forward to more football time with Trent.

I stayed behind with Drew and relaxed, read, and watched him play. After lunch they played out in the fort in the woods and didn't come in again until 5:30 when it was time for dinner. I went to check on them a few times and snapped a few pics there.

The boys both enjoyed bouncing on the new trampoline. Trent kept begging me to jump, so I even got out there for a few games of "don't touch the ball." Boy my calves and quads got a good work out!!

The whole family gathered to celebrate the September b-days. Hard to believe Drew will be 4 this year!! Doesn't hardly seem possible. He loved his Star Wars Legos, but informed me he wants a "banilla cake with white frosting" next time! (wasn't a fan of the chocolate) Oh, well...more for me :)


Last week after Trent's soccer practice we headed over to the playground. The boys had as much fun playing as we had watching! Trent showed us what he likes to do at recess (sliding across this bar to see how far back he can get once hitting the bumper).

Drew was telling me about what he had "seen" through the telescope!