Cross Country

***WARNING*** Proud Mommy Moment***WARNING***

Tis the season...I was surprised last year to find that our schools offer a cross team. I can't say that Trent would ever have given this sport a shot in middle or high school with all the other sports he enjoys! With that in mind, I encouraged him to give it a try. Little did I know...he's got some wheels :)

Being that this was one of "my" sports back in the day, I've enjoyed going to the meets, scouting the courses, and cheering along the sidelines...and to our surprise Trent has been pretty successful!

His school ran in 3 meets this year.  He amazed me with his determination, even through the cramps. I enjoyed the races when I ran...but mind over matter was hard to conquer for me...Trent, however, set a goal and gave it everything he had - and sure enough it payed off for him. Here is some bling for his effort. His boys team came in first place in all 3 of the meets. His first meet about 600 kids ran 3rd-5th grade, so it's no small feat!


3 months

It has been fun to try and capture a good shot of her each month. I opened the front door to let in some light, set her on a bean bag, got down on my belly and caught this happy face!! Her cute bow a friend of mine made along with a dress up princess-super-hero-cape...can't wait to see her zooming around the house annoying chasing her brothers.

Packing and house showings are in full swing! We are excited to see what the Lord will provide...meanwhile I'm enjoying a clean house :)