18 months


Indulge me...i did some cropping this morning and although the boys looking at the tree looked a bit CHEESY (yep, mom's amateur posing!) I love Anna's dreamy stare. So this is her 18 months pic TAKE TWO!

and yes, it continues...
she's a year and a half and I can't believe it! We are loving this holiday season so far. She giggles at the lights and has learned to say tree. When we go outside she looks at us and shivers and says "co-o-o-ld." She's just a bundle of fun.


A mom, a camera, and her girl!

So here are my favorite pics from a couple weeks ago...at the farm...but without animals. The leaves...the sunset...so pretty!


All in Good Fun...

No explanation necessary...especially if you're a Kuhn! The caption was just perfect with her little hands on her hips showing a bit of attitude, dontcha think ;)

One out of 3 isn't so bad...Trent's joined the dark side...Drew's pretty neutral...so Anna has no choice but to stick with me on this one.


But I still love you Mike & Trent...my silly brainwashed boys!

15 months

I just can't believe how quickly our baby girl is growing up.  Anna and I had a quick little photo shoot at a nearby farm while the boys were at football practice. I've wanted to continue the "stat pics" so here is the latest...

I've been keeping a list of her words on a post-it note, which is is now full!  I misplaced it the other day, so for my memory's sake, I'm going to record them here.

She's so social. She loves to get someone's attention and get a response when she talks. I think she's gonna be an extrovert...

"Hi, hello, daddy, mommy, drew, trent, uh-oh, pretty, doggy, kitty, tickle, peek-a-boo, shoes, cracker, thank you, wow, outside, bye-bye, all done, please, ni-night, up, cookie, go, ball, down, hot, kick, duck, more, cup, diaper, poo-poo, & No!"



I just love that my boys have the opportunity, at a young age, to experience cross country. I must say, knowing how much they enjoy basketball and baseball and football, I never imagined they'd enjoy running so much. I didn't think cross country would even be on their radar, especially if'd they'd have to choose that instead of the other sports they've played since they were 5.  I enjoyed running for my school when I hit junior high. My only experience up until that point was probably the 50 yard dash at the annual field day. If you ask Mike, he'd admit, the running genes come from my side of the family. My dad and younger brother were also runners.

The boys have run 3 races so far this season. Last Friday, Trent set a goal, went for it, and got first place. His determination is amazing to me. He was white as a ghost after he crossed the finish line and walked over to me. His lips were quivering both from the emotion of his excitement and sheer exhaustion. He half whispered through his dry mouth "I did it, Mom!" He gave me a big HUG! (you know, in front of EVERYONE!)

Yes, I totally teared up! So amazed by his drive and determination and accomplishment. He has not yet won in his 3 years of running. He's been 2nd many times, so this was fun for him. I loved cheering him on and sharing in his success!

Drew has done well this season too. He's enjoyed running and being part of a team. I'm learning more about his personality as well. I love that he is just as excited, if not more, to see his friends do well than he is for himself. He's got a good heart.

Enjoy a few pics from the race...


Schools In

A new school year has begun!

New School,

fresh supplies,

lunches packed!

Praying you have a great year, boys!

And, yes, we miss you already! See you this afternoon...



...another year of life...

We always do a big b-day party with Mike's family on our vacation together. We spanned June through September this party. So here are, of course, 3 of my sweet 6 gifts!

Sporting her new pink tutu! She wears it well.


13 months

Cuz I just can't help it...

I love making these monthly reminders of my baby girl growing up.  Really, I just know I'm probably not going to get to making her a scrapbook, so this is going to have to do! I love looking back at the 12 other pictures I've got and seeing how she has changed.

I just love her delicate little profile.

Have a great week all!


We reached another milestone...she's on the go. This last week I gotta break my mom and brother took countless steps with Anna. She knew where she wanted to go, but needed there hand for stability, and they graciously obliged! It was so funny to watch her take off and practically run. When we arrived back home she ventured on her own after a ball in the family room. She took a two steps, then four...then seven! Ahh!! She was so pleased with herself. I snapped a few of her outside as well...

Idependance Day 2013

We got to celebrate the 4th with my family in Ohio. We took the kiddos to King's Island and had fun going on the big rides! We hardly spent any time in the kiddy area. They are just growing up so fast. We stayed with my brother and had a nice afternoon in their pool.


Happy 13th!

Just looking back at some pictures of this day 13 years ago! I posted some a few years ago here...

A fun little review of the last 13 years...


Too, two, SWEET!

Here are some out-takes candids I took the other day when I was trying to get a good pic of Anna for her "12 month" picture! I just love to watch these two together. Drew is the sweetest big brother! He is pretty attentive to her (when he isn't playing on his dads iPhone). He likes to help keep her entertained in the car and he LOVES to make her LAUGH! He's better at it than any of us. She just cracks up for Drew.

1st Cupcake Smash!

She didn't really SMASH it...she did EAT it!

ALL of it...

well, except for a clump of frosting stuck to her tray. Mmm buttercream!

My mom and I made fresh strawberry cupcakes with strawberry frosting...they were DELISH!

See for yourself...

Yep, they were a hit!


Happy Birthday!!

Here's just a quick peek of our newly crowned...

1 year old...

it's all I've had time to do since our basement flooded. We have been in the thick of it -doing the work ourselves & fitting it in around baseball games- then with the storms last night we had some water again. This time it was pouring in one of the windows. Thankfully Mike braved the downpour to investigate and he removed debris away from a drain spout and that seemed to solve the problem for now! I do see replacing lots of the cracked black drain pipes in our future this summer though. Augh! It never ends does it :) Opportunities to work on my attitude and response to difficulty are abundant.

Enough about that...enjoy this sweet little smile...

I plan to post more of her cupcake smash and pics of her and Drew just playing in the back yard later.


11 months

My goodness, am I really documenting another month? I've been looking back at how much her hair has grown, wow!  I snapped this pic outside at Trent's baseball game! I'm so thankful she just 'goes with it' and has a happy personality. She loves to say "hi" and loves the response she gets from strangers/friends even more. It's pretty funny for me too. People don't expect such a clear greeting from a "baby." We love hearing her chatter (yes, she LIKES to talk) though she has also learned she can screech. Fun times...No, really, I'm SO blessed!


10 months

A cheery pic...outside!! So glad for warmer weather and a bit of sunshine.

The boys played and played out there...



whiffle ball in the backyard with neighbor kids.

I was thankful for some quiet time to myself.

Yesterday, the 7th

we celebrated Emilie's 2 years AND Annalise's 10 months


We are reminded and thankful for ALL our kids


God's precious grace poured out.
She wasn't sure she liked the deck...she didn't want to touch it and she didn't crawl anywhere...so not like her...see...


another year...

Missing her today especially.

our Emilie Alyse.

Heard this song this morning at church...so good...i've listened to this album so many times...


-This is not how it should be, this is not how it could be, but God is in Control!-

Drew asked if we could go get balloons and sing happy birthday at the cemetery.

So we did.

The boys showed Anna her big brother and sister's stones.





When we walked up I saw 3 big bunches of my favorite flowers...I was so surprised...yep, they WERE at my babies stones.

But Who? How? When?

My Stretcher Bearers!?!


Thanks, friends, for remembering with us today.

It means so much!

We know life goes on...dates just become days...so we are humbled and so grateful that you still show us you remember.

Thanks for loving our family and continuing to pray us through.

You blessed us so much today!


One of those days...

...and its only 8:15am...

I woke up early, early this am to Anna's whimpers of "daa daa daa." I grabbed her out of her crib, fed her, and promptly tucked her in and back to sleep. Ahh...another hour and a half till my alarm goes off...

Enter Trent...

"Mom, it's 7:30, aren't we supposed to leave for school now? You have to hurry cuz I need snacks and stuff for my read-in." (As a reward, students get to bring blankets/pillows, electronic readers, and snacks out to the hallway and read for the afternoon. Yes, fun stuff for 4th graders!)

I hop out of bed, throw on yesterdays clothes...take out my retainers and swish with water.

"Hurry, hurry! We are gonna be late, boys. Trent why didn't you wake me sooner?"

"I didn't realized what time it was." (yeah, because he was playing minecraft, no doubt)

We tear through laundry baskets to find Drew some socks and he says, "But, mom I have to do announcements this morning!"

"Oh great...well we've really got to book it now!"

We throw bagels in the toaster and amazingly both boys are dressed.

It's 7:45 and I snatch a sleeping Anna from her crib and bounce down the stairs to get her buckled into her car seat.

Everyone is loaded up...check.

Everything we need is loaded up...check.

"Oh good, Drew, we are gonna make it in time for you to do the announcements...wait, I can't find my keys!"


Just minutes before, I grabbed my purse from the unlit living room. It still sat by the computer from the wonderful duty of balancing the checkbook the day before. I begin to dig for my key chain...that's weird, can't find it.

I throw out the tic tacs, the notepad, the hand lotion...they have to be here...where else would they be!?! Seriously, I'm very good about keeping keys "in the right spot" you know, so I can find them when I need them...that's what I tell my boys almost on a daily basis, right!?!

Nope. Not there.

I dig in my coat pockets. Nope.

I call Mike. Maybe he saw them...no answer...I call about 5 more times in a row...

Boys are "looking" in the car, but at least they are ready. School starts at 7:50.

I look on end tables and counters...finally, I go back to the unlit living room and there, ON THE FLOOR, probably right beside my purse, lay my keys.

So we jump in the car...it's 7:52.

I plug in my cell phone, which had been beeping all morning to let me know it was about dead!

I call the school and let them know Drew is coming, but we are 7 minutes away, and that he is scheduled to do announcements.

"Drew I think they might wait for you, but I'm not sure."

He hangs his head in disappointment.

We sit through two red different lights...

"I can't believe I didn't see those keys when I grabbed my purse, we could've probably made it just after the bell rang. We would've at least been close."

Drew so sweetly says, "Yeah, maybe I should've gone in to look, cuz, you know, I eat LOTS of carrots!" He peeks his head around the back of the headrest and smiles at Anna.  "Anna, you didn't laugh!?! BUT that was funny."

"Thanks, Drew, for making me smile too."

I park the van and we run to the front door (well, poor Anna bounces). The secretary buzzes us in and I see the principal watching for us from behind the counter.  I smile and mouth "Thank You!"

He says, "We are ready for you Drew." I pat Drew on the shoulder and he disappears down the hall.

I sign them in, the clock reads exactly 8:00.

I exit the office and sit down on the bench outside.

I hear a sweet, sweet voice...

"Good Morning.  This is Drew K and ____ with the announcements for Friday, March 15th...where we practice the life goal of "treat people right and do the right thing."....Lunch today...Now, let's take a moment of silence before we start the day..."

Yes, Thanks Lord, for THIS day. For giving me opportunities to show grace and peace to my kids when I really just want to yell and throw the silly tic-tacs because things aren't going my way.  Thanks that Drew can read the announcements in front of the whole school...when, because of me, he almost missed his opportunity. Maybe he'll get to share and show his friends Your grace and peace today. I pray that we ALL do it more.


9 months

A lot has happened in the last two weeks! Anna started crawling 3 days before she turned 9 months.  She also started eating snack puffs on her own.  She has been picking them up for a while, but now she is able to put them in her mouth! We have also been working on giving her a sippy cup.  She usually just chews on the spout, but I think she has finally realized that she can get a drink.  Love watching her learn and grow...she crawls to her toys now and really interacts with them...of course, she loves the noisy-light-up ones the best.

I've enjoyed picking the boys up from school lately.  Anna gets so excited to see her brothers.  I love driving down the road and hearing laughter in the back seat...Drew can really get her to giggle! Boy do they adore each other...see what I mean...



What our weekends consist of these days...

The plight of a younger sister...being lugged to ALL of her brother's sporting events! Upside: When Grandma comes for the weekend and snuggles said little sister during her brother's games! You can tell she hates the attention, huh!?!

Easy-Peasy Lemon Bars

I came across a new recipe on Pinterest.

Lemon Bars

It only has 2 ingredients.

Yep, really!

Only 2.

So I decided to try it...

and it turned out great!

Lemon reminds me of WARM days...kinda what I needed this week ;)


8 months

This little gal...such a sweet, sweet gift...celebrating our "seriously cute" VALENTINE!

seriously BLESSED!


7 months!

She loves her food! I held off starting food until she was 6 months...just clinging onto the little baby stage as long as possible. It was so funny watching her watch us eat...she'd study our utensils...study our chewing...she'd reach out to touch our mouths...she was definitely telling us she wanted a part of what we were eating.

I had fun shopping the Gerber flavors...until I could make some homemade baby food. She's pretty much enjoyed every bite...as you can see by her chubby little cheeks!