A couple Drew-isms...

On Monday we got up and were busy getting Trent ready for school. It was time for the bus to pick Trent up and we were watching and waiting by the front door. Time was getting late and I began to wonder if we had missed it. Trent reminded me that his teacher told them on Friday that there was no school on Monday, but it was not a holiday and I hadn't read anything in the class newsletter, so I did not believe him. So I found the school calendar and low and behold...it was an inservice day and the students had no school...when I told Trent and Drew this, I saw Drew look at Trent raise his hand over his head and say, "PRAISE THE LORD! Trent, you don't have school today!"

Then this morning while we were waiting for our friends to come over, I asked Drew to look out the front door to see if they were here. He came running up to me and said, "I see no sign of them, mom!" I've never heard him say this before...must have been from the Underdog cartoon we got from the library or something.

Crazy quotes from my 4 year old!! He's always good for a laugh!!