A lil' bit o' Christmas

(The new football jerseys!)
Didn't want to pass up on a couple cute pics of my boys from Christmas.  I know it's long overdue!  I've gotten really behind at posting, life just gets too busy somedays.  We had Christmas with my mom and brothers at our house and then headed to Michigan for Christmas day.  My dad also came over to spend a short day with us.  We were actually home for New Years - first time in 5 years!  We even had an extra little guy with us.  We watched our friends son so they could help chaperone our churches jr. high retreat.  Our boys just loved having him follow them around!

(with Grandma!)
(The grandkids + a few significant others = 29)
(Ringin' in the new year...2010...in case you didn't get the hand gestures.)
(Drew playing cars with our guest...they played cars alot!)
(Trent gave great sled rides!)


Last weekend we braved the elements and traveled to Ohio.  We spent some time with my mom, brothers and dad.  It was alumni weekend and so we got to have a special dinner, go to the basketball game, and we even got a free "gold rush" t-shirt.  GO JACKETS!  The boys had fun at the game and we've already discussed the new moves they want to try out at their next game.  Drew asked Mike, "Dad, can I do a fake on little kids?"  He's shown us several times exactly how it should play out as he goes up to fake a basket.
We even had some time to put a puzzle together...Trent's a pretty good helper!!
Friday night we went up to the Field House.  The boys shot some hoops while my mom and I walked the track.  The boys REALLY needed to get out some energy, and we had a great time doing it...and I didn't feel so guilty eating a bazooki (cookie & ice cream dessert) when we got home.

Here we are with the new and improved Yellow Jacket. 
There were tatoos (of the old mascot though) on every table and Drew put this one on all by himself!  He ventured to the bathroom and came back with a "bee" on his forehead.

Here's a pic I found from just one year ago.  Boy, they've both grown up a bit, huh!



We traveled to "Misery" as named by the GPS Missouri to spend Thanksgiving with my mom's side of the family.  My grandparents live there and it was great to see some other extended family.  What a godly heritage!  I'm so thankful for them.  I found them both asleep in their recliners in front of the tv one evening with their hands like this...
My mom and 2 of my brothers
Busy cookin'
The boys enjoyed playing with my cousin and 2nd cousin.  They went fishing, hiking, and of course did some Wii-ing!!
I enjoyed taking some pictures of my aunt, uncle, and cousin.  The weather was beautiful, sunny, and warm!
On the way home we stopped to see the St. Louis Arch.  We wanted to go up, but the lines were just way to long!!
On the road again...



I'm gonna send you over to Jen's blog.  She posted a slideshow of pictures from our visit with the Palmers and the night of the Sav-a-Life Banquet.

Here are a few of my pictures...


Leavin' on a Jet Plane

Jen and I arrived in Alabama last night.  The trip was uneventful for the most part.  We were delayed a bit in Fort Wayne as there was a ground delay in Detroit.  Then when we got to Detroit, we couldn't deplane because the ramp was broken.  It took a while for us to get off too, because we had to wait for a representitive to escort us since we were on a "live" tarmack.  Believe it or not it happened again when we got to Alabama...bizzare! Anyway, the fall foliage was spectacular!!  We saw lots of patches of "forrest" full of reds, oranges, yellows, and greens...simply beautiful!  I'll try to get some pictures on our way home.  Jen was laughing at me because the at the beginning of our flight to Alabama the captian came on and was giving all the stats of our flight and I THOUGHT he said that "we will be experiencing some turbulence" and Jen started laughing at me because he REALLY said, "Our flight will be an hour and thirty two minutes."  It was pretty funny...

Goodnight for now and I'll keep you posted.


Hittin' the Road...

We (Jen and I) are very excited about a new opportunity to share about our life experiences and our children. We will be traveling to Alabama in just two weeks, and speaking on the 20th! While we relflect on the value and miracle of new life, we will be focusing on how our children, Noah, Owen, and Joanna are WONDERFULLY MADE too.

Please be in prayer for us...
* that God would be glorified by all that we say and do
* as we pen out and prepare to share what is on our hearts -we are
  in the thick of this now!
* that our message would be heard loud and clear
* that we can deal effectively with the emotions that companion
  "going back there" (and specifically for me as Joanna's due date
  would have been Oct. 24 - these milestone anniversary dates can
  be emotional)
* that all the details come together smoothly
* for our physical health
* safety as we travel
* as our husbands care for our kids while we are away
* that we have an encouraging time with friends, old and new




My mom and brother, Perry, picked me up last Friday and we headed to Iowa. The 8-9 hour car ride really wasn't too bad with 3 drivers. My cousin, who is stationed in Guam, flew "home" to get married. The weather was beautiful for the outdoor wedding. The scenery was lush and green. We stayed with a family from my uncle and aunt's church. My boys would have LOVED to explore around their farm!! I was able to snap a few shots at sunrise on Sunday morning while our host took our flat tire to the milk house to plug the hole! We were blessed to have hosts that could do just about anything! If we'd have been anywhere else, it would have been a much bigger and longer task! I don't think the donut tire would have lasted very long on all the gravel roads either.


Labor Day Weekend...

...we headed up to Michigan to visit friends and family. We got to hang out with a friend of mine from high school in the Philippines. It was great fun, and I laughed...A LOT! Drew hit it off with M, my friends daughter. We laughed some more about how alike they are, those two! (We are really in for it when they get older, E! Glad we can share our mortifying stories together!)

(I snapped a few pics with my totally disfunctional camera!! It only works when it wants to...sigh...I know, it's blurry...but, you get the picture...)

Then we had another family BIRTHDAY PARTY. We celebrated Drew's b-day and he was so excited to rip open his gift and find Spiderman golf clubs!! Now he can get in on the golf action that Mike and Trent have enjoyed together. He also got a fishing pole and walkie-talkies :)


...get set...

On Monday, while the boys went golfing, I headed out to the beach with some of my nieces. It was fun to walk across the warm sand, indulge in reading a book while soaking in some rays, play a "lively" game of cards, and walk out on the pier. Thanks for including your "old" aunt girls! It was a blast!