All in Good Fun...

No explanation necessary...especially if you're a Kuhn! The caption was just perfect with her little hands on her hips showing a bit of attitude, dontcha think ;)

One out of 3 isn't so bad...Trent's joined the dark side...Drew's pretty neutral...so Anna has no choice but to stick with me on this one.


But I still love you Mike & Trent...my silly brainwashed boys!



I just love that my boys have the opportunity, at a young age, to experience cross country. I must say, knowing how much they enjoy basketball and baseball and football, I never imagined they'd enjoy running so much. I didn't think cross country would even be on their radar, especially if'd they'd have to choose that instead of the other sports they've played since they were 5.  I enjoyed running for my school when I hit junior high. My only experience up until that point was probably the 50 yard dash at the annual field day. If you ask Mike, he'd admit, the running genes come from my side of the family. My dad and younger brother were also runners.

The boys have run 3 races so far this season. Last Friday, Trent set a goal, went for it, and got first place. His determination is amazing to me. He was white as a ghost after he crossed the finish line and walked over to me. His lips were quivering both from the emotion of his excitement and sheer exhaustion. He half whispered through his dry mouth "I did it, Mom!" He gave me a big HUG! (you know, in front of EVERYONE!)

Yes, I totally teared up! So amazed by his drive and determination and accomplishment. He has not yet won in his 3 years of running. He's been 2nd many times, so this was fun for him. I loved cheering him on and sharing in his success!

Drew has done well this season too. He's enjoyed running and being part of a team. I'm learning more about his personality as well. I love that he is just as excited, if not more, to see his friends do well than he is for himself. He's got a good heart.

Enjoy a few pics from the race...



What our weekends consist of these days...

The plight of a younger sister...being lugged to ALL of her brother's sporting events! Upside: When Grandma comes for the weekend and snuggles said little sister during her brother's games! You can tell she hates the attention, huh!?!


Cross Country

***WARNING*** Proud Mommy Moment***WARNING***

Tis the season...I was surprised last year to find that our schools offer a cross team. I can't say that Trent would ever have given this sport a shot in middle or high school with all the other sports he enjoys! With that in mind, I encouraged him to give it a try. Little did I know...he's got some wheels :)

Being that this was one of "my" sports back in the day, I've enjoyed going to the meets, scouting the courses, and cheering along the sidelines...and to our surprise Trent has been pretty successful!

His school ran in 3 meets this year.  He amazed me with his determination, even through the cramps. I enjoyed the races when I ran...but mind over matter was hard to conquer for me...Trent, however, set a goal and gave it everything he had - and sure enough it payed off for him. Here is some bling for his effort. His boys team came in first place in all 3 of the meets. His first meet about 600 kids ran 3rd-5th grade, so it's no small feat!



This little video is the last of the 3 stike outs Trent had IN A ROW this week.  Dad had to pay up and stop at the gas station on the way home to get 'T' some sunflower seeds!  I guess it was just enough of an incentive...Trent rose to the challenge and made it happen :) (or I guess some would say he was lucky)  Whatever the case, it was fun to see!






BASEBALL is in FULL SWING for Trent.  Drew starts later this week!


A little B-ball action...

Trent and Drew have started playing basketball at the Y.  Mike is having fun coaching both teams, so it makes for a busy day.  Mike, shall we say... repeats himself A LOT...so that's "fun" (ahh the joys of teaching...I just smile as I remember back to my own teaching days.)  It's definately a job to keep 10 kids on track while teaching basic skills and coaching the game, but we are both glad he has the opportunity to get involved.   I'm excited to see how much they'll improve over the 10 weeks or so!  Here are just a few pics I was able to snap of the boys last week.  ENJOY!!
**Be sure to check out what's been  happening since I last posted in October.  I will date my posts about the time they occurred, so make sure you scroll down to see what we've been up too!!**



Trent has enjoyed pitching a couple innings for his team. I just love how the ump gets into it! It's going to be a fun season!!

Getting on his catchers gear. The black patches for under his eyes have come in handy...we bought these a couple years ago to wear for Halloween with his football costume. :)
Mike coaching Trent at 1st base.



Mad Ants Clinic

As partners of the Y-Ball league, the Mad Ants (NBA D-League) offered a free clinic for the kids.  Our boys had loads of fun!  The kids were separated by age and then they rotated to different stations lead by one of the Mad Ants players.
Rod Wilmont lead the shooting station.
The coach helped with the ball handling.
Practicing lay-ups.  Trent scored...just in case you were wondering :)
I got a kick out of the pants tucked into the socks showing off these Chuckies!

A spur-of-the-moment shot...to bad the camera woman didn't quite capture the moment.  Drew's lookin' away and Trent's looking out from behind the lovely ant's antena.  Oh well!


It will be fun to go to the game this weekend and see the players we met.



Trent & Drew have been playing b-ball at the Y.  It has been loads of fun to watch them learn and play and SCORE!  Here are a few pics from the last few weeks.


Are you Ready for some...


The boys have been asking to see Mike play b-ball, so we headed out Monday night to watch.  Trent really got a kick out of changing the numbers on the scoreboard.  The boys were excited to see some friends and they were the best cheer squad I've ever heard.  They got so into it.
"Oh...oh...oh...NO!"  Excitement...Dissappointment...can't you just see it on their faces :o)


What time is it?

Hammer Time...no, no, no!
J/K I know that's so lame.


Trent had his first soccer game of the season this last Saturday. He was excited they won! He stayed with most of his team and coaches from last year, so that has been great! I couldn't believe how much each boy has grown, they all look so big out there on the field. Trent played great! Here are a few of my favorites.


End of the Season...

I started this post before we left for the holiday, but I couldn't get the photos to uplaod...I'll try again...

Here are a few pictures of the boy's last games of the summer...it's been fun and the boys have sure enjoyed playing on a team. They have been learning a lot and we have so enjoyed watching the process!
Here are a few candids from his "boring" time in the outfield...

Drew enjoyed his season of soccer too! His highlight was scoring a few goals, but his favorite position was goalie.


A thought...

This is a reminder to me more than anything else! I like real life scenes along with scripture. (Drew was "playing" goalie here, but the ball was at the other end the entire time. He got tired and bored and decided to sit down, take a rest, and wait for the ball to come to him.)

Though we didn't encourage his efforts here in this instance, it reminded me that sometimes when my life seems chaotic and overwhelming, I just need to STOP and SIT and WAIT for the LORD, knowing He is in CONTROL.


Weekend fun!

Grandma came this way for a few days when the doc told us our girl would not have a heartbeat by Friday...well, when her heart WAS still beating we decided to take advantage of our time together. The boys had fun with paint...and we had fun with a little paint ourselves. We 3 girls went for a relaxing pedicure :)
The boys painted pictures... We enjoyed Trent's soccer...
But, Drew's game was rained out...


Like father like son...

I guess that is about all I really need to say, unfortunately! Trent has taken the plunge and decided to become a Michigan fan. We had a great time together watching the BIG GAME and I didn't rub in the fact that Michigan LOST again to THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY! I still love both of you...and I'm really working on Drew. (This is a subtle shout out to my dad and brothers to help me here!)


Soccer Saturday

Last Saturday Drew and I went to Trent's third soccer game. They tried hard, but the bigger team (and I do mean like 2nd graders) had quite the advantage. The final score was 1-10. Here are a few shots of Trent playing like a champ - regardless of the score!

Trent threw it in so hard, he fell right over. :)