Missing you..

...today especially! 

Boy, 3 years?  Can it really be!  I think it's hitting hard this year because...

I can almost see him here...

following Trent and Drew aroud,
getting into stuff and making messes like his big brothers,
talking, asking lots of questions,
carrying around his favorite blanket and stuffed animal,
playing with Thomas the Train,
dancing around,
messing up the pieces on the board as his older brothers play Candy Land,
tearing into all his Christmas presents and jumping up and down with delight.

It's the little things that I'm grieving today, not experiencing WITH him.

...today especially...


I Cackled at this Gaggle!!!

I was surprised this morning when I looked out the window!


The pond has frozen over - though I'm sure not very thick since it was not frozen yesterday.  But this morning the geese were STROLLING over to the bank.