Changed Much?!?

Last week I got out some of the newborn outfits Anna wore when we first brought her home.  Looking back at those pictures it looks like she had plenty of room to grow...but now...wow, she's busting out of them.

(and speaking of busting out - we are going to have to go up to the next size diapers - let's just say I've been using A LOT of spray 'n wash lately) #explosions

Bittersweet...she's growing and changing so much.  It's been so fun to interact with her - batting at toys and smiling back and cooing now - just makes me realize those newbie days are a memory. So glad for pictures!!

Here, see for yourself...


My Boys!

...Because I'm to cheap to pay $60 for school pictures...

I made the boys stand by our fence before they left for school...yes, on picture day.  BUT I don't think they turned out to bad :)


New School Year!!

I can hardly believe I have a 4th and 2nd grader!!  They are getting so grown up. I remember thinking how BIG and grown Trent was when he went into 2nd grade and now - with Drew - I just think he seems so young still.  It's a little weird for me to have a 4th grader...I remember sitting at my desk (as a 4th grade teacher), having deep conversations, answering some hard questions, learning, laughing, cheering on, but still reading to :) some pretty amazing kids.  I would dream about what MY life would be like when my own kids were that age.  NOW it's here and it's a bit surreal :)  Excited to see my boys continue to learn, grow, mature, and become good friends and leaders and athletes...but most importantly have a heart that desires God and His Word.

So, here's to another year...can't wait to see what's in store!


The Great

We had the chance to see my grandpa and step-grandma at the beginning of August.  They were visiting Ohio from Florida and so I took the kids on a short trek to meet up with them. He hadn't seen Annalise yet - and after all our losses and g-pa and g-ma's many prayers...it was an emotional introduction! This makes the 7th living great grandchild for them :)

2 months!

Can you tell she has grown just over 2 lbs and an inch in length?!? Annalise is beginning to coo and follows us with her eyes. She loves being talked to and we've discovered she has dimples when she smiles!! So cute.

I did a little photo shoot the evening before we left for vacation. I've seen some simple, yet beautiful pictures (yes, most likely on pinterest) of a newborn on a bed and so this was my humble attempt to capture OUR personal memories of places and spaces and sizes :)