Fall Festival...a.k.a...


My little Monsters!

Yes, I totally raided their CANDY stash!

Course it's not real hard for the boys to share when they DON'T like CHOCOLATE anyway!! 



4 months

Just LOVE experiencing being mom to a girl! I love having time just her and I while the boys are at school! She is a good sleeper and she is a pleasant and happy baby! I keep telling people when they comment about her surely being spoiled that it's really ME who is spoiled. I'm so thankful that I get to thoroughly enjoy the time with her - with grins and giggles and not fussing - though I guarantee that it does happen... even still I smile when it's hard and take the good days with the bad!! I just have a special appreciation for this precious girl we get to raise!

Thanks for praying us through "the valley of weeping to the place of refreshing springs"  -Ps 84:5-6