I'm gonna send you over to Jen's blog.  She posted a slideshow of pictures from our visit with the Palmers and the night of the Sav-a-Life Banquet.

Here are a few of my pictures...


Far away friends

Just after thanksgiving we had a get together with the Palmers. They live in Alabama now, so it was great to see them again. Trent and Mackenzie have been buddies since we moved to Indiana. He has really missed her. They had so much fun playing together again. The kids ran upstairs so excited for us to come see their play. Well, you just have to take a look for yourselves here. Ruth posted the video on her blog. Trent was really funny. Here are some feeble attempts to get a group picture.


In Memory...

Last year a few of my friends got together to help me make some presents to take to the hospital where Noah was born. We had so much fun, the girls wanted to do it again this year. It really was fun for me to take everything we had made and collected and drop it off at the hospital...it gave me something happy to do on a day that I anticipated dreading.

I keep in contact with one of the nurses at the hospital and so she was able to share with me about giving these items to moms who had just lost their baby. I'm so thankful to be able to make a small impact on the lives of moms who now walk the path I did almost two years ago. At a time when they feel all alone and that know one understands, they receive a gift from a mom that "knows." And I hope it helps, seeing in a tangible way, that they are not alone!

It is such a special thing for me to have friends who want to remember Noah's life with me. I can't thank them enough for their prayer, encouragement, and friendship. You (and you know who you are!) have been Christ's hands and feet to me - your gentle reminders of love, concern, and comfort have taught me so much!

A few pictures of us hard at work...

What the books look like...

The reason why I wanted to do something with pictures stems from this scene...

"After our friends and family had all left the hospital for the night, the hospital photographer peeked in with a small white envelope in her hand. She had printed four or five pictures she had taken of our son. When I saw the pictures of his tiny hand, wrinkly feet, and his face, I could not hold back the tears. They were a priceless treasure! His time with us had come and gone. Now, I held in my hand the only link to remembering his face. He was beautiful!! It was just what I needed, and it couldn't have been better timing. Our time was winding down, we were about to give Noah over to the funeral home, and I felt as though she made it a little easier. We would trade his little body for the pictures we could hold onto for the rest of our lives. I had these beautiful pictures to look at anytime I needed to see him."
Think about how a mom would feel when she receives her baby's pictures, not in a white envelope, but a precious "photo book." It says to a mom who wants something special and unique for her baby...someone cares about your baby too! They are precious and valuable and the "cover" matches the beautiful pictures. I carry my little photo book in my purse even today. Anytime I want to show someone, or look at them myself I have them with me! I hope this becomes something special to the moms that receive them too.


Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

I just wanted to write a quick post and thank everyone for your prayers for Jen and me last night. I believe there were 288 in attendence. Everything went great, Jen and I made it through without "falling apart" with tears, though I saw many men even wipe their faces with their dinner napkins. We were grateful that through our stories, many could see how God truly worked in our lives. It was NOT our own strength. Our prayer is that God continues to use the lives of our boys to touch others hearts. To God be the glory.

I'll try to add some photos later...we decided to post our links and more info we have found helpful in a resource blog of sorts...check out our new blog here.

Thanks again, friends!


A week in pictures

Drew had a buddy over to play and they just had a blast playing and swinging together! Their laughter was contagious.

Mike took Trent to Indy to tour the new Colts stadium. Male Bonding stuff :)
Chillin' in the end zone! "Hoosier Dungy?"

A couple of my friends took me out for my big 3-0 and celebrated with a girls night at Coldstone.

Taking advantage of a hot day at the pool! The boys played and played. They really thought they were big stuff jumping into the pool. Trent saw two other boys from his Kindergarten class that afternoon and they had splash! I was watching Trent and the boys all jump in together. One time I almost choked when I saw Trent do a flip into the water. AGHHH!!! I couldn't believe that he was brave enough to attempt that. It was quite good, just not in 4 ft. of water. We'll have to save that for the diving board!

"Cannon Ball!" (Almost, Trent, but at least you're smiling.)


In Memory

My friend Jen and I have the privilege of speaking together at a banquet. I just got a copy of the invitation. Now, I have to get busy preparing. I'm excited about all the opportunities God has given me to share of Noah's impact on my life. I hope that those who are there will be impacted by the value and preciousness of human life. I would covet your prayers as I prepare, my nerves as I speak, and for the event itself to be God honoring.