A mom, a camera, and her girl!

So here are my favorite pics from a couple weeks ago...at the farm...but without animals. The leaves...the sunset...so pretty!


All in Good Fun...

No explanation necessary...especially if you're a Kuhn! The caption was just perfect with her little hands on her hips showing a bit of attitude, dontcha think ;)

One out of 3 isn't so bad...Trent's joined the dark side...Drew's pretty neutral...so Anna has no choice but to stick with me on this one.


But I still love you Mike & Trent...my silly brainwashed boys!

15 months

I just can't believe how quickly our baby girl is growing up.  Anna and I had a quick little photo shoot at a nearby farm while the boys were at football practice. I've wanted to continue the "stat pics" so here is the latest...

I've been keeping a list of her words on a post-it note, which is is now full!  I misplaced it the other day, so for my memory's sake, I'm going to record them here.

She's so social. She loves to get someone's attention and get a response when she talks. I think she's gonna be an extrovert...

"Hi, hello, daddy, mommy, drew, trent, uh-oh, pretty, doggy, kitty, tickle, peek-a-boo, shoes, cracker, thank you, wow, outside, bye-bye, all done, please, ni-night, up, cookie, go, ball, down, hot, kick, duck, more, cup, diaper, poo-poo, & No!"



I just love that my boys have the opportunity, at a young age, to experience cross country. I must say, knowing how much they enjoy basketball and baseball and football, I never imagined they'd enjoy running so much. I didn't think cross country would even be on their radar, especially if'd they'd have to choose that instead of the other sports they've played since they were 5.  I enjoyed running for my school when I hit junior high. My only experience up until that point was probably the 50 yard dash at the annual field day. If you ask Mike, he'd admit, the running genes come from my side of the family. My dad and younger brother were also runners.

The boys have run 3 races so far this season. Last Friday, Trent set a goal, went for it, and got first place. His determination is amazing to me. He was white as a ghost after he crossed the finish line and walked over to me. His lips were quivering both from the emotion of his excitement and sheer exhaustion. He half whispered through his dry mouth "I did it, Mom!" He gave me a big HUG! (you know, in front of EVERYONE!)

Yes, I totally teared up! So amazed by his drive and determination and accomplishment. He has not yet won in his 3 years of running. He's been 2nd many times, so this was fun for him. I loved cheering him on and sharing in his success!

Drew has done well this season too. He's enjoyed running and being part of a team. I'm learning more about his personality as well. I love that he is just as excited, if not more, to see his friends do well than he is for himself. He's got a good heart.

Enjoy a few pics from the race...