A little B-ball action...

Trent and Drew have started playing basketball at the Y.  Mike is having fun coaching both teams, so it makes for a busy day.  Mike, shall we say... repeats himself A LOT...so that's "fun" (ahh the joys of teaching...I just smile as I remember back to my own teaching days.)  It's definately a job to keep 10 kids on track while teaching basic skills and coaching the game, but we are both glad he has the opportunity to get involved.   I'm excited to see how much they'll improve over the 10 weeks or so!  Here are just a few pics I was able to snap of the boys last week.  ENJOY!!
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Feelin' Crafty

I've been working on a few projects.  It started before Christmas with some presents - this bag - I made for my SIL and my SIL to be.  I even picked up some fabric to make a cute - small diaper bag of sorts for the little girl that will be joining us in April.  I found this "Moma Bag" from the book...Handmade Home.  I, of course, had to add some pockets on the inside!  See, what do you think...

I also seached the internet for a tutorial on how to make a camera strap cover.  I used fabric I had from previous projects...it was really fun to do something quick.  Click on the pictures for a link to the tutorials I used.