All in Good Fun...

No explanation necessary...especially if you're a Kuhn! The caption was just perfect with her little hands on her hips showing a bit of attitude, dontcha think ;)

One out of 3 isn't so bad...Trent's joined the dark side...Drew's pretty neutral...so Anna has no choice but to stick with me on this one.


But I still love you Mike & Trent...my silly brainwashed boys!


Happy 13th!

Just looking back at some pictures of this day 13 years ago! I posted some a few years ago here...

A fun little review of the last 13 years...


5 months

We braved the cold weather for our last chance at some outdoor pictures. My friend Jen met us at a nearby park and took some family shots for us! Can't wait to hang them up in our new house! We had to be out of our old house on Halloween...so we moved into a small rental for a month until we can move into our new home.

I grabbed a box from the rental garage before we left...we thought this picture was so appropriate for this time in her life...we've been living amidst boxes for a long time...looking forward to unpacking for good!


The Wedding!

My brother Perry and new SIL Julie were married December 10.  Drew and I traveled to Ohio early to help with some last minute details...i.e. about 250 cupcakes and the rehearsal dinner :)  It was a lot of fun!!  We got to see family from out of town and hang out with my grandparents for a few days.

It was a beautiful ceremony and just an all around FUN weekend!!

Wish I had more pictures to share!  But here are a few...
 Yes, we took pics outside in the COLD...can't wait to see the professional ones!


Are you Ready for some...


The boys have been asking to see Mike play b-ball, so we headed out Monday night to watch.  Trent really got a kick out of changing the numbers on the scoreboard.  The boys were excited to see some friends and they were the best cheer squad I've ever heard.  They got so into it.
"Oh...oh...oh...NO!"  Excitement...Dissappointment...can't you just see it on their faces :o)


Happy Anniversary!

Today Mike and I celebrate 9 years of marriage! I can't believe it's been that long, it's gone so fast. Mike, you'd better make sure you've started saving for the big cruise next year I'm looking forward to a quiet dinner out!

I got out our wedding album this morning and reminisced about OUR day...our prayer...
Col. 2:2-3 "...that they may be encouraged in heart and united in love, so that they may have the full riches of complete understanding, in order that they may know the mystery of God, namely, Christ, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge."

Here are a few pics I scanned into the computer - not the greatest quality but they'll do.

Thank you for 9 great years! I'm so glad we said "I do!" I love your servants heart and I appreciate all that you do to bless me as your partner. Thank you for being understanding, patient, and kind. (I know that's not always easy with me and all we have faced these last 2 1/2 years) I see you striving to be more Christ-like and I'm so grateful for your leadership as we raise our family. I love you, and I hope we have many more years to celebrate together!


Randomness for your enjoyment...

Drew entertained us while we waited for Trent's basketball game to start. And let me tell you, I think he found his calling ;)

AND Mike's experiment over New Year's...a BEARD.


Like father like son...

I guess that is about all I really need to say, unfortunately! Trent has taken the plunge and decided to become a Michigan fan. We had a great time together watching the BIG GAME and I didn't rub in the fact that Michigan LOST again to THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY! I still love both of you...and I'm really working on Drew. (This is a subtle shout out to my dad and brothers to help me here!)



We took Trent out of school for a family vacation day! Actually, we had this planned since last year with some of Mike's family that don't go back to school until AFTER Labor Day. When Trent's cousin asked if he had school that day he said, "Yeah, it's all day recess." We had a great time in spite of the heat and humidity!

Yes, Mike even had fun too! The boys were on the inside, but are just to short to be in the shot. It was spinning so fast.


A week in pictures

Drew had a buddy over to play and they just had a blast playing and swinging together! Their laughter was contagious.

Mike took Trent to Indy to tour the new Colts stadium. Male Bonding stuff :)
Chillin' in the end zone! "Hoosier Dungy?"

A couple of my friends took me out for my big 3-0 and celebrated with a girls night at Coldstone.

Taking advantage of a hot day at the pool! The boys played and played. They really thought they were big stuff jumping into the pool. Trent saw two other boys from his Kindergarten class that afternoon and they had splash! I was watching Trent and the boys all jump in together. One time I almost choked when I saw Trent do a flip into the water. AGHHH!!! I couldn't believe that he was brave enough to attempt that. It was quite good, just not in 4 ft. of water. We'll have to save that for the diving board!

"Cannon Ball!" (Almost, Trent, but at least you're smiling.)


...buy me some PEANUTS and cracker jacks...

Mike and I took Trent to his first Tigers game at Comerica Park. It was our special outing one-on-one before school begins. Trent really had fun , well except for the car ride. Drew stayed overnight with some friends, and he had a blast too. When we got to our seats Trent told us he was SO hungry, but really just couldn't wait to get some peanuts. He was content with that snack the whole game. When I buckled him in the car to go home, he said, "Thanks for taking me to a Tigers game. So, we can come again next year?"

Proof I was there too. The photographer always gets the shaft.
Excited or what?

After the game we got to walk on the field and Trent ran the bases. It was definately a highlight. He's rounding second base with Mike following behind wearing #28.

Walking back to the car swinging his new bat.