In case you didn't believe it...

Here is


that we do indeed have a

clone trooper

living with us!

Best Quote of the Week!

As I was saying goodnight to the boys and tucking Trent in, he said "Mom, I love it when you tuck me in." I smiled and then he said, "Guess who's gonna miss you when they go to college!"

Love that kid :)...and SO glad college is a ways off yet!

So thankful for the time I've been given to raise these 2 wonderful boys!



This little video is the last of the 3 stike outs Trent had IN A ROW this week.  Dad had to pay up and stop at the gas station on the way home to get 'T' some sunflower seeds!  I guess it was just enough of an incentive...Trent rose to the challenge and made it happen :) (or I guess some would say he was lucky)  Whatever the case, it was fun to see!