Grand Prix Time!

Third time's the charm! This is Trent's 3rd and final race. This year he came out on top with a WIN! Pour Drew had to start down at 4th place for his first year (just like Trent)…in fact, Drew's times were better than Trent's first year. This year the times were SO VERY close! Good job boys.
When I went searching to find posts about the other 2 cars, I discovered I never blogged them…well, here, see what other fun you missed…

2013 = 3rd place - Speed! I didn't get a picture of the results, bummer! But, I tracked down the times:
First Place 10.3242, Second Place 10.5978, Third Place 10.6182

We thought the church shuttle bus was clever - maybe win a design award, never thought this block of wood would actually be in the running for speed. Pleasantly surprised us! 4th place, time: 10.6798

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